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Saturday & Sunday from 10 people

The tour takes place on Saturday & Sunday by reaching the minimum number of persons established. You will be notified of the booking confirmation accordinly with the tour organization.

If you have any question about the tour, please send us an email to:



The temperature in the mine is constant, of 15C-16C above zero, so if you are visiting it in summer, bring with also some heavier clothes with you.

The tourist itinerary that includes the museum, the vision of a docu-fiction video, the path to the mine, the visit of over a kilometer of galleries distributed between IV levels, plus the return back to the departure location, last about 3 hours.

The temperature in the mine is constant, 15-16C, so by visiting it in summer you have to bring heavier clothes. Going up and down the tourist path and internal stairs, is advisable to put comfortable shoes.


Children from 7 years on can visit the mine. It should be noted that during the visit there are about 2 km and 250 steps to go, and that for over an hour you’ll be staying inside the galleries, so we advise parents to evaluate the effective ability of children to adapt to an unusual environment. However, the guides can immediately take them back outside, without affecting the visit of the other visitors.

Women who work and play an active life should not be affected by any disturbance during the underground visit. However, it is advisable to evaluate your possibilities very well. The visit to the mine lasts about 2-3 hours and tourists travel part of the route along inclined planes connecting the I-II-III-IV levels of the mine to a maximum depth of 135 meters.

The complex is a mining establishment and can be visited only and exclusively accompanied by qualified personnel.


The underground tourist path is completely illuminated and is also equipped with additional emergency lighting; therefore, visitors would not need to bring extra lamps under the ground. For a further guarantee of safety, helmets, useful in short sections where the tunnels are less than two meters high, are fitted with a lamp. The visit to the mine, is marked by several stops so there’ll be plenty of time to rest too. Remember that the mine currently has no bathrooms and refreshment points. Therefore you must use the bathroom of the Museum and bring along some snacks. However, the guides are able to cope with every type of individual needs, without compromising the visit of others.


The visit of the mine takes about 2-3 hours, tourists travel part route along inclined planes connecting the I-II-III-IV levels of the mine to a maximum depth of 135 meters. Older people, especially those who have trouble walking, should evaluate their possibilities very well. Before going underground, people who suffer from claustrophobia or chronic illness should seek advice from their doctor, and advise the guides.

The air in the mine is characterized by exceptional purity and continuous air exchange. For this reason the mine could also perform nursing home functions. The stay in the basement is a valuable contribution to the respiratory tract.

The connection between the museum and the mining site takes place using an old trail used time ago by the miners. The transfer takes about 10 minutes walk in the woods and for a short distance has gradients that do not allow motorized transit.

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