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Saturday & Sunday from 8 people

The tour takes place on Saturday & Sunday by reaching the minimum number of persons established. You will be notified of the booking confirmation accordinly with the tour organization.


Booking is mandatory; visitors who are not included in the reservation list are not entitled to enter even if accompanied by visitors who have booked. Their visit request will be accepted only if it meets the safety standards. The visit is guaranteed by a minimum of 8 participants. In case of bookings of more than 20 people and / or dates other than those indicated for the opening in the summer, requires confirmation due to our guides availability.


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Near the InfoPoint of Cludinico there is a parking lot, if full, continuing to the church there is a large parking available. The village of Cludinico can be reached by cars and small vehicles in several places but not by coaches.


In the museum room, the staff will provide you the ticket, the safety helmet and the lamp. Before departure you will see the model of the mining site, maps, various equipment, office supplies... From the InfoPoint (720 m asl) with a downhill path through the woods and sometimes pebbles (15 minutes) you’ll reach the mine entrance.


The entire mining complex (Rio Malon, Vareton and Creta d'Oro) includes about 150 km of tunnels. The visit to the "Creta d'Oro" Excrement Mine extends for over two kilometers, you’ll start the visit through the access portal at the lower level (590 m asl) and then climb inside from the 4th to the 3rd level (605 m above sea level), 2 ° (625 m asl) and 1 (637 m asl), through the rises, step by step.


You’ll spend about 2 hours inside the mine, visiting the space used as an ammunition depot (Santa Barbara), coal lenses, cultivation areas, calcareous concretions. The entire interior path has been secured, and is lit, for the most part, over 2 meters high. Inside there is a good ventilation and a constant temperature of 15 ° C. In the first part there can be some stagnant water on the ground.


You will end your journey on the outside at a higher altitude and you will retrace the path to the town of Cludinico. The helmet and the lamps will be returned to the Infopoint.


The Info Point has a toilet. Bars, Restaurants and Hotels are in Ovaro just a few minutes away and are available all week.


“Ho visitato ieri (26/04/2015) la miniera con un gruppo del CAI di Udine. E' stato davvero interessante, ed i volontari sono molto disponibili. Merita assolutamente una visita!”
Cristina Feruglio
“Complimenti a chi si è preoccupato di mantenere vivo l'interesse della storia della miniera”
Rino Dario
“Un particolare ringraziamento va a Serse Tacus che in questo giorno di festa ci ha guidato dal museo ben documentato, all'interno della miniera. L'ambiente suggestivo e la eccellente documentazione e descrizione ci ha in qualche modo portato indietro di 60 anni. Un saluto”
Riccardo, Paolo, Emilia
di passaggio


The visit to the former mine is not recommended for people suffering from heart disease and / or physical disabilities, for pregnant women, for those suffering from epilepsy and / or claustrophobia (for claustrophobia, if in doubt, you can try their reaction to the entrance, and in case they come out accompanied by a guide). It is possible to develop allergic reactions in subjects already predisposed and / or in patients with respiratory problems due to the presence of spores. Suitable for children (from 7 years old). Childs will be accompanied by a parent or another adult subject of family trust responsible for the child's correct behavior. Children inside the mine may be carried in their arms and / or shoulders. It is advisable to wear mountain boots, wear comfortable clothes (preferably not elegant and / or light colored) and trekking, and bring a sweater to get comfortable with the change in temperature between outside and inside. The guide checks visitors and clothing and in case of inadequacy, especially regarding footwear, participants can be excluded them from the visit (the decision of the guide is unquestionable). The country-former mining-country route has no toilets, fountains and covered places, so it is advisable to bring a bottle of water, an umbrella and / or clothing to protect yourself against sudden rain. During the visit all the instructions provided by the guide must be carefully followed, even and especially in emergency situations. For the entire duration of the visit in the subsoil it is absolutely mandatory to use a protective helmet and follow the path indicated by the guide. Inside the InfoPoint and the "former mine" is not allowed to take videos or pictures. The guides reserve the right to suspend or cancel visits in case of bad weather. It is not allowed to bring pets with you inside the coal mine! NB. The village of Cludinico can not be reached by coaches (11-12 meters, 50 seats). The Zoncolan Albergo Diffuso can, on request, provide indications for a possible rental of vans 7,20-7,50-8,00 m (27-30 seats).

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